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From supply chain disruptions to travel and health concerns originating all over the globe, current events continue to influence how we conduct business. The PTXPO Exhibitor Assurance Program gives our exhibitors comfort in knowing that their commitment comes with options.

What is the Space Investment Protection Plan (SIPP)?

SIPP is an optional product that provides a full refund of money paid, if:

  • Gardner Business Media, Inc. cancels PTXPO 23 for any reason.

  • Exhibitor cancels 60 days or more in advance of the start of the event.

  • The event is rescheduled from the dates provided.

When you purchase booth space, you have the option to purchase SIPP at 10% of your total booth cost. You will be invoiced separately for SIPP with your final booth payment, as your booth must be paid in full to qualify for SIPP. If requested during the space application process, you may pay your full booth fee as well as SIPP up front. Once paid in full, SIPP guarantees you the ability to cancel, no questions asked, up to 60 days prior to PTXPO 2023 (January 27, 2023). Otherwise, or until the SIPP conditions are met, the normal cancellation and liability conditions on page two of the exhibit contract apply.


If PTXPO23 proceeds as planned and you do not cancel, then 50% of the SIPP fee will be retained by Gardner Business Media, Inc. and the other 50% will be applied to your booth reservation for a future event.

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Gardner Business Media is a 4th generation family-owned business operating since 1928. One of the pillars that has led to nearly 100 years of success is our business integrity. To help mitigate any unease with your commitment to participating in PTXPO 23, our Exhibitor Assurance Program also includes:

Should we be forced to cancel the event, we have no intention of profiting from that cancellation. You can rest assured knowing that after direct operational costs are accounted for, the remaining money would be fairly redistributed back to exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. 

If Gardner is forced to cancel the event and you have purchased the Space Investment Protection Plan (SIPP), you are eligible to receive a 100% refund. If you choose to cancel your booth, you have until January 27, 2023 to cancel and receive a full refund.




Please reach out to your sales representative or a member of the Exhibitor Care Team for more information or to discuss in detail.

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